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Accepted Symposium Proposals
  • Recent Advancement in the field of Industrial Electronics (Symposium-1) by Dr. Rabi Narayan Mishra, Dr. Nibedita Swain, Dr. Lopamudra Mitra and Dr. Rajan Mishra. Click here for Details
  • Application of Signal Processing, Machine Learning and IOT in Sustainable Development of the Society (Symposium-2) by Dr. Himadri Lala and Dr. Yashwant Sawle. Click here for Details
  • Control of Power Electronic Drives and Instruments (Symposium-3) by Dr. Souvik Ganguli, Dr. V.C. Pal, Dr. Sheetal Prasad and Dr. Amit Kumar. Click here for Details
  • Recent Trends in Wireless Sensor Networks (Symposium-4) by and Dr. Sharbani Banerjee and Dr. Koena Mukherjee. Click here for Details
Authors are encouraged to submit their papers under the symposiums cited above. The papers, which will be submitted under the symposium must contain the symposium id in title of the paper. For example, if a paper entitled "AAAAAA" submitted under a symposium (id is Symposium 1), then the paper title should be written as AAAAAA (Symposium 1). The same review process and publication as regular paper will be followed for the papers submitted under the symposiums. Looking forward to your submissions.

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